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We can never get enough of each other, give us a new idea how we could get even more out of ourselves.I like to make you feel relaxed and vice versa so that we are comfortable in private shows and able to make the most of our time together You can ask me anything as I am not easily offended.

I am open to most fetishes, if you don't ask, you don't get!

I am straight but bi-curious. I love wearing sexy outfits and watching porn! I would like to be dominated by an older man and would love to have group sex with many men and women. I love phone in private, hearing your voice turns me on. C2C is really hot too!

Ask me! I have a few ;)

I've done private shows in person before and I'm a dancer at a gentailmens club, so I experienced a lot some I'm very into and some I'm not into.

I know some men that I haved experienced with before in working in the gentailmens clubs in vip before that some men have a foot fetishes.I'm open to try new things.

I love taking control and being in control of men, I fantasies about me having my legs over them with my 7" stripper heels and pushing me up against a wall and making out and holding my ass up and spread apart. I love it when I'm making out with a guy with my legs over him and have he's hands around my waist holding my ass and take he's one finger and spreads my butt cheeks and put one finger half way inside, gives me a nice orgasom.I love a man that can take charge. I love to be spoiled and showered with gifts! I AM SO HOT I WANT FUN




Having fun while having sex. It is our favourite pastime.

Classic La Dechainee Part 1

Classic La Dechainee Part 1